Moleskine-compatible pen recommendations


While the Pilot G-2’s seem to
hold sway with some Moleskiners, many of you will love the Caran D’Ache
Ecridor Ballpoint pens that come with the fabulous Goliath refill. I
recommend the black, medium refill. Check ebay for the inexpensive
Ecridor 849.   

Check out Executive Essentials for these pens at about $15. There
are also some very beautiful versions in silver and gold, much more
expensive, of course. Also, in Mexico,

David Fishken

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13 thoughts on “Moleskine-compatible pen recommendations

  1. I purchased an Ecridor set (pen and pencil) almost one year ago. Though I mostly use fountain pens with Noodler’s Ink, I find that I really like the Caran D’Arche ink in the ballpoint. The weight is nice and well balanced and the ink is amazing. Flows great and so far I haven’t noticed any bleeding, fading or other effects that can occur over time. You won’t be disappointed with one of these beauties.

    I can also highly recommend Executive Essentials. They are located in Chicago and are great people to deal with.

  2. One pen that I now use in my Reporter that I always carry with me is the Pilot Toughwash from It’s ink is permanent, the tip is fine (I would estimate a little over 0.5), and it dries almost instantly. The ink does not bleed through, and the pen is very comfortable to use. I have never known it to dry up while I’ve been writing, I would consider it equal to the G2, if not better because of the faster drying ink. Of couse, this is just my opinion, but I advise others to try them.

  3. I have an Ecridor, it’s beautiful, but it’s a ballpoint pen, and the ink passes to the other page when I write on the backside. Doesn’t this happen with you?

    I’m using a Uniball Signo 0.5 for writing and a Sakura Micron 01 0.25mm for drawing.


  4. Check out the Pilot Cavalier Hi-Tec-C, may be only available in Japan (I got my first as a gift from Japanese visitor, and have got others now via Ebay)

    Lovely quality feel, slim, refillable,with a very fine 0.4mm nib. That’s as fine as you’d probably want – perfect for those minuscule scribblings in your moleskine. Pilot now do an even thinner refill 0.3mm, which I haven’t tried yet, and the Cavalier also takes standard Pilot G2 refills if oyu like something a bit bolder…

  5. BarryJ: I checked the Pilot Cavalier on ebay as you said, it looks really nice, but 17$ plus postage seems to much for a pen I may not like. It’s beautifull too, thought.

    I’ll be testing some more pens anyway =)

  6. Just attempted to put a Pilot G2 refill in a Cross Century II and a Waterman Expert II. Did not fit the Cross, but appears to fit very well in the Waterman. Both pens well under $100…

  7. Parker Vector Fountain works good, also Parker Sonnet ballpen is perfect. But when you need to write in rough conditions the nice old BIC Crystal is always reliable.

  8. If you are looking for the hi-tec-C as well as a multitude of other japanese pens (including incredible fountain pens!), and pencils, both for art and anal-retentive writing (you can go down to 0.18!!!), check out

    I’ve ordered from them, had friends and family ordering, and they are fantastic, with great service if you have questions.

    Good luck on the pens!

  9. Some time ago, I recommended Caran D’Ache #849 Ecridor ballpoint pens. Here’s a most interesting update for you; the pens accept Parker GEL refills, making writing easier, smoother and bolder. If the ball point Goliath held yoou back, look again.

    David Fishken

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