Moleskines and working methodologies

Lee Hopkins, one of Australia’s leading communication strategists writes about his Moleskine:

"The challenge one often faces with a new toy is how to take best advantage of it, how to shape and structure it for optimum reward, both intrinsic and pragmatic.

This is no different with my new Moleskine notebook.

I did think of breaking it into sections:

    * Blog ideas
    * Personal ideas
    * Miscellaneous

as the photo at the top of this post shows.

However, upon reflection I realise that I am very much a ’stream of consciousness’ writer, so partitioning my paper hard drive, as it were, is not how my brain works (much to Mrs BetterComms’ annoyance)…"

Lee Hopkins
Visit his blog.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Moleskines and working methodologies

  1. Christopher says:

    That’s not a bad idea from an organiztional standpoint. But it visually breaks up the Moleskine’s clean lines. Wait, did I really just say that? 😉


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