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Eric Gauger: The Howling Coast

Photographer extraordinnaire  (and Moleskinerie "Networker") Erik Gauger is back from his adventures in the Pacific Southwest of Nicaragua. The Howling Coast Visit his excellent site, "Notes from the Road".

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Lifehacker: Moleskine lessons

Lifehacker got some good comments on Moleskine mods and tips.    "I’ve recently started doing the HPDA thing and am using the Molskine as my master of the universe. Since I was going to have certain cards I bought some … Continue reading

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Gary Varner expounds on an earlier post about who gets to see our journals: "…the question of “can one write freely in a journal,” or does our internal censor too frequently override the desire to write without boundaries. Personally, I’ve … Continue reading

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Shining Tree of Life

"Weary old faiths make art while hot young sects make only trouble. Insincerity, or at least familiarity, seems to be a precondition of a great religious art—the wheezing and worldly Renaissance Papacy produced the Sistine ceiling, while the young Apostolic … Continue reading

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Moleskines and working methodologies

Lee Hopkins, one of Australia’s leading communication strategists writes about his Moleskine: "The challenge one often faces with a new toy is how to take best advantage of it, how to shape and structure it for optimum reward, both intrinsic … Continue reading

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Coloriffic cupcake notepad and bookmark

"customised moleskine notebook stamped with home made cupcake stamp with beaded bookmark and finally some embroidery supplies." "Color-iffic" Craftapalooza Visit. © All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Making the Switch

Witness the transition: "Not that kind of switch!!! From my electronic PDA, my much love TungstenE to a moleskine address book. I’m nto sure I like the molie adress book but I’ll see how it works for me. I’m tired … Continue reading

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Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing

"The Buddha is quoted as saying; "We do not learn by experience, but by our capacity for experience…"  Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing : Meditation in Action (Paperback)by Frederick Franck AMAZON LINK

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Thanks Clotilde, Steve, Merlin and everyone!

As we pass some statistical milestones tonight, I would like to thank our top personal website referrers: Steve Makofsky’s "The Furry Goat Experience" ,Clotilde Dusoulier’s "Chocolate & Zucchini." and Merlin Mann’s "43 Folders". Thank you, merci beaucoup! My grateful appreciation … Continue reading

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On penmanship

"Through the (almost) 5 years since I’ve left college, I’ve been keenly aware of the declining quality of my penmanship.  Like so many others, 99% of the written word I generate is recorded via a keyboard and computer instead of … Continue reading

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