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Who looks at your moleskine?

Nadine asked: "Do you keep your notebook to yourself? Do you show it to others, to who? " Kathrin2305: "It depends on… who wants to see it… my best friends are allowed to have a look, because I know that … Continue reading

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Moleskine con Cerveza

" En Toledo, haciendo una pausa del turista." Dispersi0n @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR. Some rights reserved.

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Cat vs Moleskine

Fade Theory. Visit. © 2006 Fade Theory

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Putting Pen to Paper Anew

Dan Morse has a nice article on the Washington Post today: (Photo: Linda Davidson – The Washington Post) "Sitting in a coffee shop, Eric Henning, an occasional but aspiring cook, asked himself: What dishes do I want to learn to … Continue reading

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The death of handwriting ?

Stuart Jeffries has a piece on The Guardian: " Patrick McGoohan’s words are becoming less and less true as technology extends its cheerless remit. "I am not a number," he declared in The Prisoner, "I am a free man." But … Continue reading

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Under The Loupe #4: Keeping a Sketchbook

"Sketchbooks are about as basic as it gets when you are talking about visual design. You, a pencil, and some paper. But oh, the power these simple tools hold! Sketchbooks take many forms, and at times the actual sketchbook can … Continue reading

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AFK*: “Cars? What cars?”

I was at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show over the weekend. You are invited to view my photoset at FLICKR. Images by ABF © 2006. All Rights Reserved. *Away From Keyboard An acronym used in online chat, e-mail, and newsgroup … Continue reading

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The Idea Book


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Moleskine-inspired background

Kinda difficult to see but you’ll know what I mean when you see it: "I always wanted a moleskine inspired background for my desktop background…" Lost in Scotland @ FLICKR. "Ruled" version. Some rights reserved. [Thanks Jake!] HAPPY PRESIDENT’S DAY! … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Nathanael.Archer

Being a wanderer in Asian culture. I discovered calligraphy about two or three years ago. I was writing poetry and a friend of mine drove my attention to short poems, haiku and calligraphy. I was seduced by what can be … Continue reading

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