Feltrinelli Moleskine Ad

Apparently there’s a new ad campaign for Feltrinelli. Here’s part of the copy from our Italian sources: "EXCITING! the new promotion  labelled "la Feltrinelli":Arouse your mind, revile boredom and  rouse your curiosity…… EXCITING! La nuova promozione targata la FeltrinelliRisveglia la... Read More



Alexadex is a place to buy virtual shares in websites, with the share prices set according to Alexa.com’s site traffic ranking. "price:$32per shareshares available:111shareslast price change:2006-02-15 09:24:51" ALEXADEX Meanwhile, on Blogshares. Know how much this blog is worth,... Read More


“Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906”

      San Francisco – On Thursday, February 9, 2006, the California Historical Society opens its earthshaking centennial exhibit, Jack London and the Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906, guest curated by author and historian, Philip L. Fradkin, (The Great... Read More


Wyoming Border Collies

A typical day for a group of Border Collies working cattle on farmland near Wheatland Wyoming.    A photo essay by Moleskinerie pal Dan Milnor. California based photographer Daniel Milnor specializes in long-term, black and white documentary work relating to... Read More


“Pilot Error”

Erik Engstrom reports of a *gasp* G-2 malfunction: "I was scribbling a shopping list in my moleskine this morning with my favorite Pilot G-2 0.5. A bit later I went back to make an addition, and discovered that the pen... Read More


Readying a New Notebook

"Some people make lists of things they need to do. I write down what I have done. Being chronically afflicted with a sense of never accomplishing enough, this device is tremendously illuminating. Each day starts at the top of the... Read More


Passing of Trees

Requiem for a tree. "…Five years I walked by this tree every day and not once did I fail to stop and admire it, even if only for a second. Now it is gone and no one will ever lament... Read More


Moleskine vs. fine art

"I had a debate with a fellow artist this weekend. I’ve decided to start using moleskines a la journals/graphic scores/art books as my artwork to start showing in galleries and he’s under the assumption that journals and sketchbooks are not... Read More


Happy Valentine’s Day

"The Promise…… a mother’s Valentine message for her daughter" By Kathleen MarieVisit her blog, "So Many Stars"© All rights reserved. Used with permission.… Valentine’s Day Lexicon fun amoraphobian. an irrational fear of Valentine’s Day. blue bawls n. an emotional, romantic... Read More