“Pilot Error”

Erik Engstrom reports of a *gasp* G-2 malfunction:


"I was scribbling a shopping list in my moleskine this morning with my favorite Pilot G-2 0.5. A bit later I went back to make an addition, and discovered that the pen wasn’t writing anymore. Closer examination revealed that the tiny ball had popped out of the tip, and a little spring-loaded wire was sticking out in its place. Strange! Alas, finding a ball that measures less than one millimeter in diameter in the carpet was utterly hopeless, not to mention the challenge of putting it back, so I gave up after about two seconds…"

Full report at his blog.

5 thoughts on ““Pilot Error”

  1. Well, they didn’t have blue 0.5 refills that day, so I had to buy all new pens. Oh well, next time. 🙂

    I’m glad you like the photo. I did that with my trusty Sony DSC-W1 in macro mode at 5MP, and cropped it down with Photoshop Elements. I was pleasantly surprised myself how well it came out.

  2. This happens to almost every g2 I own, and all at about the same point. Usually, I’ll get to the point where I have about 3/4″ to 1″ of ink left in the tube, and I’ll be writing, and suddenly *pop*, and the ball’s gone and the little pokey bit of spring is sticking out the end of my pen. It’s really bizarre that it happens so regularly with every pen (more than a dozen over the last two years!). I figure maybe it has something to do with the way I write?

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