Readying a New Notebook


"Some people make lists of things they need to do. I write down what I have
done. Being chronically afflicted with a sense of never accomplishing enough,
this device is tremendously illuminating. Each day starts at the top of the page
with month, day, and day of the week printed. The entry itself is

Not only can I see what I’ve done at the end of each day, I also have a
useful record for reference. All sorts of things merit a bullet on my lists and
I frequently find myself flipping back to look up something.
For less orderly notebook scribbling I’ve taken to carrying a soft grid
Moleskine cahier as my notebook’s baby brother. Together these two small
notebooks are my brain. I wish I’d developed this system years ago.
So, why not a PDA? Oh, I have one, a nice Palm Tungsten. I use it to
read ebooks and to organize addresses. It’s quite useful, but when I need to
think, I need pen and paper, to flip pages through my contemplative fingers, to
compare and to assimilate, to feel all that information is right there and not
at the mercy of a dying battery…"

"Readying a New Notebook"
By Rana K. Wlliamson

Visit her blog, "Notes From an Eclectic Mind"

Image: "Kink in the bookmark" by Visual Impact
Moleskinerie/FLICKR.This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Readying a New Notebook

  1. There is something about flipping through pages instead of screens on a computer or pda. Its like a peace of mind knowing the written pages will not be erased by a “crash” or some other malfunction.

    And of course the fact that you can put a moleskine in your back pocket and not worry about breaking it if you sit on it.

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