Real Artists Use Unlined Moleskines.


"Hack writers use the lined ones. Real artists use moleskine notebooks.
Hack writers use the skinny paper that bleeds and runs if you get
seriously water colorish. Real artists undoubtedly pronounce their
Sketchbook Of Choice "mol-a-skeen-a", the artsy, Italian way. Hack writers in a hurry call them ‘skines, as in "skines" not "skins".

be….I tried the sketchbooks. Really. I have three of them at home and
1.5 of them have stuff in them. I wanted to be a real artist. I was
willing to pay the price of admission. But the derned things were too
big. My choice of media was too small. Something. And bottom liner, I’m
a hack writer who writes–including around, under and through the
drawings. The bitty lined ones will work just fine. If I can’t be a
real artist, I’ll just keep a visual journal daily, served fresh on a
lined ‘skine."

Kamuela Karol


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