The Portable Light Project


" Portable Light is an interdisciplinary research, design and
engineering project to create and implement new models for energy efficient
electrical power and lighting. Portable Light applies creative processes and
strategic integrative thinking to optimize existing semi-conductor technologies
and create new applications to serve the large number of people—more than 2
billion—who do not have access to electric light or power. Portable Light is
based upon the principle that global needs for technology development are
inevitably interconnected. Knowledge, techniques, market solutions and data
produced by the project benefit the “third” world and the “first” world where
the need to imagine, design and develop energy efficient alternatives to the
centralized and increasingly costly electrical grid is becoming ever more

The remarkable energy efficiency of high brightness solid
state lighting (HBLEDs) means that a bright digital light of 80 lumens per watt
(bright enough to read, work and illuminate areas at night) can be produced by a
single miniature diode and powered by small areas of flexible photo-voltaic
(solar panels). Portable Light expands the value of miniature solid state
electronics by putting digital light into a textile medium to create cost
effective, completely portable, off-the-grid light engines that can be deployed
at a global scale wherever energy efficient electrical power and illumination
are needed."

The Portable Light Project


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