Under The Loupe #4: Keeping a Sketchbook


"Sketchbooks are about as basic as it gets when you are talking about
visual design. You, a pencil, and some paper. But oh, the power these simple
tools hold! Sketchbooks take many forms, and at times the actual sketchbook can
be it’s own form of expression. They range from the stylish Moleskine, to basic
art store brand, to handmade stacks of stapled paper. You don’t need to be a
great artist to have one, and you don’t need to be trained in… well, anything.
Sketchbooks aren’t as expensive as software, but they can be much more

Designers need to be visual leeches, constantly cataloguing and recording
information like a camera that’s always snapping photos. As designers we really
never stop working, every thing thing we see, every thing we hear and experience
shapes our creative process. A sketchbook serves as a physical repository for
all of those outside stimuli. I use my sketchbook often to scrawl down ideas
before I forget them or to quickly flesh out concepts. It serves as a timely
archive of where I have been and what I’ve done. Because I created everything
inside, it takes on a new life as a book of my ideas. It’s not a design annual
or a gallery of websites; it’s a book of my concepts that I can always go back
to and reference for future work…"

Jason Santa Maria
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3 thoughts on “Under The Loupe #4: Keeping a Sketchbook

  1. I keep a sketchbook. Actually I keep several going at the same time. But the worst is when I sit there looking at the blank page and I seem to be compleyely creatively frozen. Does anyone else share this problem? Can anyone help me with any ideas to “break the ice” so to speek?

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