Why I Moleskine

We welcome one of the newest Moleskine-centric blogs on the block, Moleskinner.com by Robert Strohmeyer.

Rsm"Within seconds of laying my hands on my first Moleskine, I knew I had
found the notebook for which I’d been searching. While I’m not sure I
share quite the same level of quasi-religious fanaticism for these
little bundles of paper that some other bloggers have expressed, the
fact that I’ve gone to the trouble of starting this blog should suggest
that I was not disappointed, either. With their handsome oilskin covers
and sleek lines, Moleskine notebooks are the ultimate notebook for the
serious journaler. Their precisely stitched bindings lay almost
perfectly flat when open to just about any page, and the built-in
closure strap keeps the notebook tidy in a pocket, protecting the pages
from damage while not in use. And while it’s not exactly an essential
feature for my own use, the little integrated bookmark is a nice touch,

Since adopting my first Moleskine, I’ve become a devoted
convert. And while I still test and review all sorts of PDA’s, smart
phones, and organizer apps in the course of my daily work, at the end
of the day, I’m a pen-and-paper man. Sure, I could use any old notepad
to jot down the stuff I need to remember from day to day, but as long
as I can get my hands on a Moleskine, I suspect it’ll always be my
first choice…."

"Why I Moleskine"
Robert Strohmeyer
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Robert Strohmeyer is a writer and editor based in San Francisco. His work has appeared in such
publications as Wired, MacAddict, Maximum PC, Mobile, PC Computing, Smart
Business, and Official Xbox Magazine. He also writes a regular bimonthly
technology column for Executive Travel magazine, review movies for the acclaimed
website Filmcritic.com and run a gadget blog called Gear Factor for Wired
News. To learn more, visit his website.