J.C. sent this link from Vienna.

"La Star"


"Le réparateur"

"Hautes Coutures is the work of a collector.

A collector of images.
Patchworks of images found
here and there over the years.
In short, a photographic rhapsody.
Every picture tells a story.
To tell it, lengths of rope or chain, lightning, ladders, bridges
handrails are interwoven. These strands hold together
the pieces of a
photographic cloth, weave links,
keeping Man from wandering.
A strand now
links Him to his own Universe or Fate.
Pins are threaded. Moon-pins, a
lamp-pin. Pins that can suggest…."


Visit his site.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to AL MAGNUS

  1. Shanon says:

    Those pictures are beautiful.

  2. Oh, my. Many thanks, Armand, for sharing these captivating photos.

  3. Bryce says:

    Hey nice Pictures 🙂 Looks like alot of effort was put into them, you should visit sometime, if you already havnt of course 🙂 have fun

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