Debossing your Moleskine

No, its not taking your notebook off management’s hands. Eric Au, a Master’s Candidate in Industrial Design at the University of Calgary has come up with this very cool M Mod:

"I have been a user of moleskines since about 1 year ago. I found that
they were great b/c I could cram alot of stuff into them and at the end
of each one, would be filled and ultra thick with information and
design. I am an industrial design masters student and since joining the
formal design community, I found it useful to make things very
personalized, but keep them designer-ish. So I set out to make a
debossing effect on the front cover."


" After careful thought, the best
solution would be using some old typewritter fonts that would be used
for a Canon electric typewritter that had exchangable wheels for
different fonts. I aquired some through a very nice resource centre
friend and staff. I carefully taped down the letters to form my name
and the word design since that would be the purpose of this moleskine
and each successful one from now on. Then taped the pattern of letters
on the cover and tapped them with a hammer to depress the letters in
the soft oilskin."


"The results were impressive and I enjoy it immensely. I
will be doing these with maybe themes since I have a few sets of fonts.
Stuff like differentiating the differences between the multiple
moleskines I currently employ as my devices. I use the large and small
grid ones."



"I hope this provides
another way to personalize the front of the moleskine, but keep the
clean and classic look of the book. For those who understand typography
and care, the font is Orator size 10. Enjoy!"


View larger versions at Moleskinerie/FLICKR: 1 2 3 4

Homework help:
"Debossing: an inverted form of embossing in which a relief plate is
placed under the sheet of paper as it is run through a press. That area of the
paper is thus lowered, rather than raised.
Embossed print: a print in which a three-dimensional effect is achieved
through the pressing of the paper into the crevices of the plate or wood

[via Silent Partner Consulting]


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10 thoughts on “Debossing your Moleskine

  1. And if you wanted a little more visibility on the letters, you could rub some paint into them. I’d probably color-code them, but I color-code everything.

  2. After seeing this I browsed the Michael’s and found a leather stamping kit that serves the same purpose. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Thanks for the idea! I’m going to give personalized a moleskin with a poem a shot for a writer friend of mine. FYI for those who haven’t spec’d this out yet…the font wheels shown above can be purchased from typewriter repair shops. Most will look at you like your crazy but generally will sell them for about $5 a piece. If you’re connected with a school, ask your facilities guy if he has any old equipment lying around (though most will probably be the ball type which aren’t useful). The kit at Michael’s will run you about $15 but sign up for their newsletter online and get a 40% coupon. These are great for titles as they are much bigger (1/4″) but give a very different effect than the typewriter fonts. I also tried some metal scrapbooking letters and flowers but they didn’t work so well. Also, you might also like this article: for modifying the inside of a moleskin pocket-type book. A very different effect, though it preserved the stylish low profile cover.

    Thanks again!


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