Featured Artist: Diong



Drawing and painting are ways for me to express myself that I find
too difficult to say or write. I always wanted to be able to draw even
when I was still in high school in the Philippines; but it was
very frustrating because creating artworks did not come natural to
me. Eventually, I realized that the most important thing is to produce
works and not waste my time thinking whether I am talented or

Currently, I am exploring emotions of human figures, capturing
images out of sadness, loneliness, passion, intimacy or anything that is
felt. I am also motivated to experiment with different art materials.
A moleskine is one of my favorite place holder of visual ideas for use
on larger works or just to try out new techniques. Someday I want my
works to be in an art gallery. Whether I get there or not, I am just
thankful to find time to produce and continue to improve.

Indy Pinoy

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Visit Diong’s website, "Objects and Pixels"

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