Featured Artist: Wilfredo Pascual



I thrive on memory and displacement whenever I take pictures and write
stories. I grew up in the Philippines and moved to Thailand more than
ten years ago. And then year ago, I left Thailand. I have been
constantly traveling since, the first six months around Southeast Asia,
and the last six months in the United States. I have always been
restless. I first ran away from home at the age of twelve. In 1990, I
fell on a ravine in the remote Philippine highlands and spent New
Year’s Eve there. I once traveled in search of a stranger’s missing
brother and found him in a drug rehabilitation center where I was
allowed to spend the night. I have traveled across the United States
and the Philippines to document six generations of my family history.

I used to move around a lot because I wanted to run away from home.
Nowadays, I move because I want to find connections with my past and my
home, everywhere I go. I’m hoping that my pictures and stories would
reflect that. I have spent a total of thirty days in a Buddhist
monastery where I did not utter a single word. I had my back tattooed
the traditional way in Cambodia and spent time with former Khmer Rouge
leaders and transvestite loggers. I have spent three days in a boat,
moored in the western coast of the Philippines, with an old woman, her
rooster and her dog. I have taken the Greyhound bus and traveled across
fourteen states in the US for four days. My works have been published
in the Philippines, Thailand and the United States. Two years ago, I
won a national award for my essay about fandom in the Philippines. I
lost my medal the following day.

My stories can be read at personalwilli.blogspot.com; my pictures can be viewed at www.flickr.com/photos/wpascualjr .

"While Traveling in Asia"
By Wilfredo Pascual

 © All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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