Featured Artist: Joyce Cole



"I have always sketched, but usually I would put off drawing in order to
do the more "urgent" everyday stuff. Sometimes months would pass with
no drawing. Not anymore. I started by joining in the challenges at
Danny Gregory’s "Everyday Matters" yahoo group. Now after about 8
months, sketching the everyday stuff is an almost daily habit. I take
my Moleskine everywhere….draw in waiting rooms, in boats, on trains.
I just take my little black book, a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (S),
and sometimes a waterbrush and a little set of pan watercolors. It’s
amazing…the freedom to mess up in my sketchbook has allowed me to try
to draw all kinds of things. After all, it’s never going to have to
hang on a wall as a finished piece…it’s just another sketch among
many. I love the plainess of my Moleskine. I feel like I can take it
out and sketch without drawing alot of attention. I’m filling these
little books up with bits and pieces of my life. In the process, I’m
seeing my life a little more clearly and appreciating it more along the

Joyce Cole

View her works @ FLICKR.
More at her website, drawdaily.com
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I leave you with this thought via JC in Wien:

"Writing has … been to me like a bath from which I have risen feeling cleaner, healthier, and freer."

Henrik Ibsen

Have a nice weekend everyone. Get out, have a life – and write about it! Be back on Monday.