Japan’s Plastic Food Replicas


"Image is entirely everything.

Fumiyoshi Nagao raises the cooked fish by the fin and lets it flop back down on the dinner plate, causing the shredded daikon radish and other garnishes to jiggle just a bit. Slices of various sashimi, in sets of four, fill out the rest of the plate.

"Maybe it has to be a little higher," the 54-year-old supposes, grabbing the fish’s dorsal fin and tilting it upward. "Or maybe the daikon has to be moved slightly. The image of the dish is often a problem. The customer always wants it to look like the original – or even better."

Though it might seem like it, a cooking lesson this is not.

The fish is actually made of plastic – vinyl chloride, to be exact – and the location is not an eatery of any kind but rather a tiny shop in Otsuka, Tokyo. Nagao’s company, Nagao Shoken, creates the plastic food models often seen lined up on shelves in dusty glass cabinets at entrances to restaurants in Japan…"

"Delicious Vinyl: Japan’s Plastic Food Replicas"
By Captain Japan
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  1. I’ve also seen these almost-too-realistic plastic dishes at various restaurants in Hong Kong. They are especially prevalent in places frequented by foreigners like myself (Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Shatin, Wan Chai, etc), who generally won’t be able to make heads or tails of the menu. 🙂

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