Love is a Many Moleskine Thing

“Hello, my name is Gary, and I am a journal addict.” Or so I might introduce myself at the local chapter meeting of MA (Moleskine Anonymous)…if there were such a group.


Packing my briefcase on Monday for yet-another-office-trudge, I noticed the pile of Moleskines on the coffee table next to my shoulder bag I use on weekends for carrying all my crap from café to café. (The life of a nomadic writer is all about creative pack-n-tote.) So there I was, doing the usual Monday-morning chore of gathering up the appropriate office-necessary Moleskines, when I realized (admittedly for the first time) that I am rather dependent on Modo e Modo’s famous product line…

So is therapy in order? Intervention? A bigger briefcase?

Nah. Each Moleskine I use fulfills a distinct function, and while I could consolidate (and may when current versions fill up), part of the joy of journaling comes from the tools. Just like selecting the right pen is important for paper and occasion, choosing the right Moleskine is necessary for the utility desired. I do hope the creative ones at Modo e Modo only release new, clever versions slowly, so I am not tempted to further complex an already somewhat confusing array of notebooks. If that happens, then I may just have to get one of those small, sexy buff cahiers to keep track of my Moleskine bad boys." 

"Love is a Many Moleskine Thing"
By Gary Varner
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© 2006 GV

3 thoughts on “Love is a Many Moleskine Thing

  1. Hey….I thought that I was a weirdo for having multiple, concurrent journals! I may still be a weirdo but at least I know that I am not alone!!!

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