Meet Geoff C. and Lady Bracknell

"I here neyther that ne this, for when my labor doon al ys and have made al my rekenynges I goon hom to my hous anoon and, also domb as any stoon, I sitte at another book tyl fully daswed ys myn look. Certes, I oghte to get outte more."

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

"It has recently come to Lady Bracknell’s attention that there exists aFbl2
blog suitable for those readers who find her ladyship’s own prose style to be somewhat too modern and avant garde for their linguistic tastes: Geoffrey Chaucer has joined the blogosphere!

There has, perforce, been a considerable gap between the publication of the Canterbury Tales and Mr Chaucer’s current work, but Lady Bracknell is pleased to note that the gentleman in question has lost none of his wit or sense of mischief during the intervening centuries. Indeed, she would go so far as to say that Mr Chaucer demonstrates an admirably sprightly intellect for one of his advanced years…."

The Perorations of Lady Bracknell
Spring greetings!


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