Moleskine in Korea


Moleskine "Written by hand" is  a new  blog in Korea.

Skf Hwangyong-hamnida!


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Moleskine in Korea

  1. mashby says:

    Anyone know what that gadget is below his Moleskine?

  2. It’s a Minox — a miniature camera that uses 16mm film. Not sure what vintage that one is. I have a Minolta 16mm that I bought in Japan in the late 60’s that is similar.

  3. Sorry, I stand corrected. The camera appears to be a current production Minox CLX, which uses 8x11mm format film. has the details, if you read German or can guess at it.

    Minox miniature cameras were (in)famous for use by the CIA and other intelligence organizations. They were (and I’m sure, still are) excellent little cameras.

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