“MY MOLESKINE” Exhibit in Kansai

Our friend Carlos is inviting everyone to the latest stop of their "My Moleskine" exhibition:


"After an astounding success last year in Tokyo, the “My Moleskine” Exhibition will be shown from tomorrow in Kyoto and Osaka. 

When we first proposed to a few artists from Japan and overseas to join this project, we were quite unsure if such exhibition would be appealing at all. The concept that we explained to them was simple: “whatever your discipline is, use a Moleskine to show all the sketches, achievements and mistakes that constitute your creative process. Our intention was very humble, rather than hanging “perfect” works on the immaculate walls of some trendy gallery, we intended to understand and reveal some of the magic of the Moleskine notebook and its role in the inspirational process. 

Artists loved the idea! First of all, the format was very interesting to most of them; even though we all use notebooks, notebooks are very rarely shown in exhibitions as a final support of arts. Reinvention of the notebook as a canvas to be exhibited was only possible with Moleskine. Artists were also feeling very relaxed with the fact that they didn’t need too submit a “finished” or “perfect” work for this event, all they needed to show was a work in progress. We had originally invited 30 artists, but it seems that word-of-mouth in the community of creative minds is very powerful; we have finally shown a little bit more than 100 works…and unfortunately we had to refuse some of the last minute submissions for lack of space.

The exhibition was installed in bookshops, which are very free and unrestricted spaces. Bookshops in Japan often include a gallery space and shop managers immediately understood that an exhibition on Moleskine was very original. Public was invited to touch the notebooks with surgeon gloves that were available near the artworks. This was also quite an innovative way to show works; in galleries and museum visitors are always said “don’t touch”. Visitors could have a physical experience with the artworks while flipping through the pages.

Over 10,000 gloves were used, which means more than 10,000 visitors! We thought that the project had to go on; with the wonderful collaboration of artists and bookshops in Kansai area (Kyoto and Osaka), “My Moleskine” Exhibition will happen again."

Dates:   March 4th – April 2nd 2006-03-03

Venues:  Book 1st Umeda (Osaka)

            E-MA Building – Bibliotheque (Osaka)

            Keibunsha (Kyoto)

For more details on exhibition and artists: www.moleskine.co.jp