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Protecting Moleskine Cahiers

"I run my own real estate development corp. and I spend half my time behind my desk and the other half running around on construction sites. Usually I’m managing 2-4 construction projects at a time and  have to keep lots … Continue reading

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This Just in: Moleskine sale at Amazon UK

Bill has come up with another good one: "In the UK amazon are selling small lined Moleskines for £3! The usual shop price is £8." Moleskine Ruled Notebook  List Price: £8.99 Our Price: £3.00 & eligible for Free UK delivery … Continue reading

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Neverland 2 : New Ephemera

"On the gusty day before winter’s first snow, New York commuters could be forgiven for dreaming of vacations to warmer climes. If they happened to pick up one of 400 travel brochures distributed on the Manhattan-bound F train that morning, … Continue reading

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Mason-Dixon Knitting

"Just for the record, you should know that I too, unbeknownst to my co- author Kay, am a loyal Moleskine user, too. See? Our entire friendship is based on these weirdo coincidences." All best, Ann ShayneNashville, TN Their book, Mason-Dixon … Continue reading

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Debossing your Moleskine

No, its not taking your notebook off management’s hands. Eric Au, a Master’s Candidate in Industrial Design at the University of Calgary has come up with this very cool M Mod: "I have been a user of moleskines since about … Continue reading

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They’re coming!

Surely, summer can’t be far behind… The 2006 Hummingbird Migration Maps (as of 3.15) LINK

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E-mail and text ‘replace writing’

"The decline of handwriting and the rise of e-mail and text messaging has been highlighted in a new survey of media consumption in the digital age. It suggests that half of written communication is by e-mail, 29% by text message … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Wilfredo Pascual

I thrive on memory and displacement whenever I take pictures and write stories. I grew up in the Philippines and moved to Thailand more than ten years ago. And then year ago, I left Thailand. I have been constantly traveling … Continue reading

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Soy Andina

"The dazzling story of two New York women raised in different worlds — an immigrant folk dancer from the Andes, and a modern dancer from Queens, NY — who journey to Peru in search of roots and dance. After 15 … Continue reading

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This just in: Mystery notebooks?

"Are we seeing the rise of a new brand? The birth of a new breed of journals? On sale at $1.19! Pretty,  nifty and supersized, too! More from my sources on Monday." Mr. Bill, Man of Mystery Update >

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