Chocolate Library

Again, because man can’t live on Moleskine alone…"check this out". "Willy Wonka should sue! 100% chocolate is a remarkable chocolate concept store in Japan’s Kyobashi, Chuo-ku. Offering 56 different flavored chocolates, the store looks more like a chic cocktail bar... Read More


Yarn on Moleskine

Here’s an example of how a Moleskine grid notebook fits perfectly into the whole scheme of knitterly things: "1. Knitting the squares onto each other by picking up stitches. This will form the 4-square blocks without sewing. It also means... Read More


Namiki Vanishing Point

This journal entry was written with the Namiki Vanishing Point. I have found a fountain pen I love and recommend to whoever will listen to my fanatical raves about Moleskines and pens: The Namiki Vanishing Point, Fine Nib, the only... Read More


Write Places: O2 Sustainability Treehouse

How would you like to do your journaling in one of these? "Designer Dustin Fieder took inspiration from the simple Japanese paper lantern, and from what we can tell from the photos, it glows just like one when illuminated at... Read More


This Just In : Moleskine on sale at Barnes & Noble

Ken Broman wrote: "Don’t know if you noticed, but large, ruled Moleskines are on sale at Barnes and Noble for $5. Putting them at $9.95." Black Moleskine Ruled Journal 5×8 List Price:$14.95 B&N Price:$9.95 (Save 33%) Member Price:$8.95 STORE LINK... Read More


Pencil holder for notebooks

Radiorental has posted detailed plans for adding a pencil holder to Moleskine notebooks: "Step 3 Cover top Final fifth piece of tape goes on to give a little rigidity to the structure.  If you wanted you can lay down another... Read More


Little working hands

Sometimes we just need to pause and appreciate the beauty of the people and things around us. "If I had a pen I’d draw in the morning I’d draw in the evening … all over this land, I’d draw out... Read More


Ribbon Irritation

"Does anybody else get annoyed with the placemarker ribbon on the Moleskine?  I cut mine off. . ." – Rogue Explorer "Sometimes I find it annoying when I flip open to the page and it’s in the way when I’m... Read More


Recent comments

I can usually be found carrying a Moleskine around.  Notes from seminars, research ideas, phone numbers, lessons from church, and even college basketball scores can be found within.  They are great little black books for just about anything. But is... Read More