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Reichenau, an
island monastery on Lake Constance located between
Germany and Switzerland. It contains no color other than the deep brown of
the ink, and no illumination of any kind, yet it seems to me to reveal more
about at least this one personality behind the long labor of creating
illuminated manuscripts.


This un-named monk assembled what discarded pieces
of vellum he could gather together and used his notebook to jot down interesting
text he came across in his daily work (incidentally, the size of this notebook
is very close to a large size Moleskine). Written in a very tight script you will find bits of grammar, animal
lore, an incantation, and an endearing poem in Old Irish about a monk and his
cat named Pangur Bán, all on
the same page.
Throughout the other pages of the notebook are excerpts written in Greek, an
astrological table, and notes on logic, metaphysics and etymology, among other

By Lisa Laughy

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This article was originally posted on 3.17.05.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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