Pencil holder for notebooks

Radiorental has posted detailed plans for adding a pencil holder to Moleskine notebooks:


"Step 3 Cover top

Final fifth piece of tape goes on to give a little rigidity to the
structure.  If you wanted you can lay down another two pieces either side if you
think the pencil holder is going to take a little abuse.."

There’s even a video!


[Thanks to Chris]

Update 3.22.06 1.10P CST


A nasty ear ache and watching a chef on the Travel Channel making lunch by the beach in Bora Bora. Priceless torture.

Kindly excuse the lag in response to your emails/calls while I wait for the antibiotic to kick in.


Friday on Moleskinerie.

7 thoughts on “Pencil holder for notebooks

  1. Call me obsessive (many do) but I think duct-taping up a defenseless Moleskine is close to sacrilege. Use a pocket, why doncha?

  2. You know…I hear chocolates are excellent for ear aches. They help endomorphins kick in and make you all happy! 😛

    Seriously…Get well soon!

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