Protecting Moleskine Cahiers

"I run my own real estate development corp. and I spend half my time behind my desk and the other half running around on construction sites. Usually I’m managing 2-4 construction projects at a time and  have to keep lots of notes for each project. To keep everything organized, I use a combination of Hipster DIY Planner pages and a Moleskine Cahier. The hard cover of the regular pocket Moleskine is too stiff my own comfort. I keep both items in my left back pocket and my moleskines quickly get worn out.  I’ve usually I use strapping tape along the edges of a cahier to keep my moleskine in one piece."


"Today, I was in the Franklin Covey section of my local Office Depot. And there I found the Task List Wallet. It’s slightly larger than a Moleskine Cahier with various pockets: for a pen, credit cards, 3×5 cards and bills. I realized that with a little cutting, I could fit in a cahier and my Hipster cards."


"As a test, I used an old cahier to make sure of the fit. With a few millimeters  taken off the top and bottom, I’m able to fit the cahier into the Franklin wallet. And my Hipster cards fit perfectly into the Franklin wallet since both systems rely on 3×5 cards. In total, the wallet, a small pen, a few 3×5 cards and a cahier are the same thickness as a pocket Moleskine but much more flexible and much more
comforable in my back pocket."


"Although I’ve only used this wallet for one day, I think this is one of the better ways to protect my cahier notebooks. My only criticism is regarding the pen slot. It’s on the spine of the wallet, and most normal-sized pens will force the wallet open instead of letting it laying flat."

Jimmy Duong

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  1. I just got one of these, too. A “Fisher Space Pen” (or narrower brand) will fit perfectly in the pen slot. In fact, the FSP is great because it’s pressurized and can write upside down, underwater, etc. etc. and has a lifetime guarantee.

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