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I can usually be found carrying a Moleskine around.  Notes from seminars,
research ideas, phone numbers, lessons from church, and even college
basketball scores can be found within.  They are great little black books
for just about anything.

But is quality declining as popularity and
mass production increase?  Within the last five months, Barnes and Noble
(the only local supplier) has doubled the number of notebooks and increased
selection variety (oddly enough, the small blank notebook is not stocked and
cannot be ordered).  I carry the small blank notebook on my person, usually
in my backpack, but also in my back blue jean pocket while walking around,
taking care to remove it when sitting.  My current notebook developed small
tears along the spine within three months.  Today, the rip measured 2.9 cm. 


There are many quick fixes to rips, but the best is not to have one.  Perhaps
I am the only one to whom this has happened.  I justify the flaw in the
indestructible Moleskine by saying it was from a bad batch.  But would
Hemingway or Chatwin be as easily appeased as I?  I will fix the slit and
continue to use the great black book and hopefully my next will have more


Brady Allred
Las Cruces, NM  USA

Photos courtesy of the author


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