Ribbon Irritation


"Does anybody else get annoyed with the placemarker ribbon on the Moleskine?  I cut mine off. . ."

– Rogue Explorer

"Sometimes I find it annoying when I flip open to the page and it’s in
the way when I’m trying to write. It can also be a pain when it’s on a
page behind the one you’re writing on and you get too close to it and
your pen or pencil punches through the paper, if that makes sense –
I’ve done that a time or two. I’ve never considered cutting it off,
though." – ae

"No, I love mine! It’s one of the selling points…" – newsbean

"Yep! – I thought it would be a great feature but it just gets in the
way – well done to you for being brave and getting rid of it!" – violetrose

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Image: SlipstreamJC @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved.