“The Essential Francisco Sosa or, Picadou’s Mexico City”


            "Walking, I am sure my little black pug Picadou would
            agree, is
the essential part of our day. If Picadou could talk,
            I think she
would say that grass is nice, but humans and canines––their
smells, habits and whereabouts (or nowhereabouts)––are
            the most
interesting. So when we go for our afternoon walk down
Avenida Francisco Sosa, which has tall trees, whose branches
hands across the street, we don’t mind the lack of grass.

first we have to hurry down our own narrow street. Beneath
canopy of bougainvillea and lavender wisteria, birds chuckle;
gecko slithers up a wall into ivy. Weeds and tufts of grass
between the cobblestones; Picadou picks her way eagerly,
carefully as a cat.

            In the length of a ball’s toss we’re in
the alleyway of Montecristo,
            aiming straight at the Avenida
Francisco Sosa. Most of Montecristo
            is spanned by the jail-high
wall of the pumpkin-colored house
            that was listed by Sotheby’s
for several million dollars, but
            took as many million years to
sell (I suspect at a much lower
            price than was asked) because,
after all, its front door is on
            an alleyway. Here, the sidewalk
is only two flagstones wide and
            cars barrel past fast over the
jumbled stones, the chassis’ creaking
            and tires bumping. Picadou
does not like me to, but I pick her
            up and carry her. To avoid
the lamp post, I have to step down
            into the street; then, after
waiting for a VW van to rattle past,
            I step down again to go
around a smashed beer bottle. There goes
            the Domino’s Pizza
delivery scooter: put-put-put…"

Award-winning author C.M. Mayo takes us through the streets of Mexico City with her dog in her latest C.D.


[Thanks Lauren!]

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