“What Color Is Your Jockstrap”

Our friend Jen’s new project is coming out soon:


A good story improves with the telling, and nothing improves a travel
story more than something going wrong. Once the anguish fades, the
frustration, embarrassment, danger, and inconvenience provide great
material for a tale that can be told again and again. The adventurers
in What Color is Your Jockstrap? encounter just
about every absurd, surreal, and wacky moment imaginable, from a
monster dildo that won’t go away to becoming the prey of religious
zealots at the world’s largest human gathering. The proverbial “hair in
my soup” at a French restaurant is spiced up by the proprietor’s
remarkable solution to the “problem.” Nothing is too ridiculous on the
road, and as these men and women generously share without shame or
undue embarrassment, they prove again and again that a sense of humor
is the one tool no traveler should be without.

What Color Is Your Jockstrap"" : Funny Men and Women Write from the Road (Travelers’ Tales Guides) (Paperback)
by Jennifer L. Leo (Editor)

Coming out on March 28.
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