Yarn on Moleskine

Here’s an example of how a Moleskine grid notebook fits perfectly into the whole scheme of knitterly things:


"1. Knitting the squares onto each other by picking up stitches. This will form
the 4-square blocks without sewing. It also means that the striped squares will
be differently oriented, creating interesting challenges and opportunities for
messing around.

2. Joining the blocks, be they 4-square or be they 2-square or even
1-square, by picking up stitches along the edges to be joined, and doing
3-needle bind-offs. The 3-needle bind-off will be another design opportunity…"

Kay @ Mason-Dixon Knitting


[Thanks Caroline Laudig]


"Our book, Mason-Dixon Knitting, is being published on March 28 by Random House/Potter Craft.  A very fun, new kind of knitting book."

Yours in Moleskin Love,

Kay Gardiner                        

BOOK LINK       

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to Yarn on Moleskine

  1. Nice. My daughter has recently taken up both journaling and knitting.

  2. Shanon says:

    Chris: Good for her! I’ve found knittinghelp.com to be a really helpful site for knitting, so you may want to pass that one along to her. 🙂

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