Showing Some Moleskine at Ikea

Chris Maddera had a little "wardrobe accident" and gives us fair warning:


"For a while now, I’m been carrying a small plain Moleskine notebook (it’s actually the one Todd gave me) around in my back pocket. It’s a very sturdy notebook, and because I’m always sitting (at the computer, in the car, on the couch, at the coffee shop, wherever there is sitting to be done), the Moleskine, being sturdy (that is, a bit rigid), was pulling the pocket away from my seat whenever I sat down. Over time, that constant tension weakened that area.

It might have been okay for everyday sitting, but this was no ordinary day. We were at Ikea and doing some fancy sitting, dammit. In one of the showrooms, Cindy and I decided to try out a Lunna swivel chair, which was pretty comfortable. The Lunna has a deeper seat than most anything I usually sit in, and you have to really lean forward and push yourself out of it, but when I leaned forward and pushed, the chair made a slight cracking sound. I froze. “Did you hear that?” I asked Cindy. She hadn’t. I thought Oh, great…"

Chris Maddera
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