Tools For Wandering Writers

Lucy Snyder discusses a lineup of tools writers have used through the years:

"We writers are particular. We’re careful to find space for our books and our desk, and jealously guard our writing time. We crave quiet so that we can concentrate on our work. We’re happy to type away in the dead of night or at the crack of dawn.

Ah. Quiet, so very quiet … except for the sound of the sound of the cat licking herself. Phew, did the dog just fart again? And what’s that creaking noise? The room seems … smaller somehow. Are the walls closing in on you?

Ack! It’s too quiet! You’ve got cabin fever! You’ve got to get out of here, escape to the beach, a writers’ convention, or even just the neighborhood coffeehouse.

Thing is, you’ll be leaving your desk behind, and you’ve got stories to finish. What do you do?

Pens and paper work just fine for many writers. "That way, it looks like you’re taking notes at the office meeting instead of writing a short story in which a woman escapes an office meeting," says Haddayr Copley-Woods…

Moleskines have been around for over 200 years. They come in several varieties, but the classic design is a small notebook with a sewn binding (which in addition to being stronger than glue lets you open the notebook flat), a reinforced pocket, and elastic band to secure the pages. Many authors have used and loved Moleskines, including Neil Gaiman and Ernest Hemingway…."

"Tools for Wandering Writers"
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