A Novel Idea

Novel Novel makes blank journals out of discarded library books.


"In most cases, we include the title page, interesting illustrations, and the original checkout-slip pocket, for that authentic library feel."

Check it out.

6 thoughts on “A Novel Idea

  1. This gives me a bad feeling – just because a book has been discarded from a library has nothing to do with its value as a book; so we rely on the judgement of whoever makes these journals. In some ways it reminds me of the stories of the Mongol invaders parchment from books to repair their sandals…. And it seems very much like the people who take old typerwriter keys to make jewelry (they don’t know that other people actually collect old typewriters, and I ‘ve personally seen beautiful examples of rare machines vandalized in this way…) And yes, I know that these discarded book might otherwise be just sent to a landfill. Still, I’d be rather sad to find one of these journals made from one of my favorite books…

  2. Excellent! I just ordered the elephant training for children one, _Tons of Fun_. I can’t stop giggling, and may have to create some sort of Dr. Seus-inspired illustrated story to tell the tale of a fourth grader’s elephant-training mis-adventures.

    (Sorry Steve. Maybe it’s the Mongol invader in me, but I couldn’t resist. Seriously, though, I think I might enjoy having a favorite childhood book given new life in this way. I mean, how often would I re-read _Christina Catarina and the Box_? I don’t have kids, so, um, never. It’s just more “stuff” collecting in someone’s basement. But! How much would I grin if it was recycled as a cover for my sketchbook?)

  3. I love the idea! I think it’s great to recycle these books into something else once they’re retired. It gives them a new value… a much better use for them than just being recycled or thrown in the dump. I plan on ordering one or two. Thanks for the links.

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