An Official Statement to the Moleskine Community from Modo & Modo

The following is an official communication we just received from Modo & Modo, SpA:



In response to the ever-growing demands of its supporters and distributors, Moleskine is committed to strengthening its brand and broadening its horizons.

Moleskine is currently involved in the design and development of new products; as one example, from Autumn 2006 Moleskine will launch its new “City Notebooks, the first guidebook you write by yourself” !

Moleskine is also investing in its network of distributors and retailers with in and off-line communication initiatives and in other activities designed to further strengthen the Moleskine brand.

Moleskine belongs to all – to its Publisher but equally, and more importantly, to the community of Moleskine users and supporters.The Publisher is fully aware that Moleskine has grown thanks to the support of many people and is fully conscious of the need to respect the love so many have shown to Moleskine. As a company, we want to create new products and to encourage new adventures.

To realize these ambitious projects, Moleskine needs the additional energy and skills that new partners can bring. We are looking for partners of the highest quality,which will be selected for the ability to continue the story we have written together so far. In all this, the continuing success of Moleskine is our number one priority. 

We will keep you informed of the progress we are making to build a better Moleskine world for all of us.

The Publisher Modo&Modo

Mario Baruzzi and Francesco Franceschi
Milano, Italy