Chema Madoz



Spain-based, Chema Madoz is one the best-known art photographers in the
Born in 1958, Chema Madoz studied Art History at the Universidad
Complutense de Madrid and photography at the Centro de Enseñanza de la Imagen,
also in Madrid.
In 1985, he received his initial acclaim when the La Real Sociedad
Fotográfica de Madrid (The Royal Photography Society, Madrid) held the first
major exhibition of his work. In 1988, the Sala Minerva del Círculo de Bellas
Artes (Madrid) inaugrated its photography program with the artworks of Chema.



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  1. These images by Chema Madoz are as beautiful as they are clever. But I wonder if they exist on a calender I can purchase for this year 2007? If not has this idea even been pondered?
    Thank you- Sarah Frost

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