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artwork has a strong base in drawing skills and the process of drawing is as
important to me as painting.   I enjoy using dry media – principally
pastels and pencils, including coloured pencils – because they enable me to
find my way into a work though drawing and, if I choose, I can continue to use
them produce a more finished work.  I used to very precise and spent a
long time learning how to scribble and work more loosely.  I now very much
enjoy what Professor Petherbridge talked about recently in her lecture ‘Playing
with the Provisional’ – I take a line for a walk and see where it goes and
don’t worry so much about absolute accuracy so much as observing the way it can
create something new or record a new way (my way) of seeing something seen many
times before.

My sketchbooks record my progress and where I have been and what I have
seen.  They include preliminary drawings and drawings which have taken
some time.  I use them in drawing class, in restaurants and cafes, on the
tubes, in parks and gardens and always while traveling.

What I like about my Moleskine is the quality of the sketchbook paper.
The quality of the support is always as important as the media used to the
overall quality of the work you do.  I like to try and always use the best
if I can.  Also the size of a Moleskine makes them easy to use in places
where there are a lot of other people – it’s big enough to make a good record
and small enough to be unobtrusive.  I mostly use a mechanical pencil in
sketchbooks but I also use coloured pencil to make colour notes of my
observations – and sometimes pursue more developed work."

Katherine Tyrrell
London, United Kingdom

Visit her blog, "Making a Mark"
Other sketches are here.
Visit the artist’s website.
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