“Cream Teas”


From Jeanette Jobson’s blog, "Illustrated Life" :

"This image reminds me of cream teas that I indulged in while living in Somerset. A friend’s parents ran a dairy farm and offered the biggest cream teas you could possibly imagine. Nearly everything was made with ingredients grown on their farm. Lucious pale clotted cream that had a texture of soft butter; rich red strawberries glistening and sweet or homemade strawberry jam if the berries were out of season; light, flaky scones still warm from the oven, followed with lashings of steaming hot tea, dainty sandwiches and lots of conversation, all taken in the confines of their enclosed flower garden…"

Drawings so good you actually want to drop by.


[Thanks Dawn!]

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2 Responses to “Cream Teas”

  1. Shanon says:

    Beautiful! And it looks tasty, too.

  2. Lohr says:

    This does look utterly delectable. Clotted cream and strawberries are an utter delight– and I’m amazed that American coffeeshops don’t do more in the way of cream teas.

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