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"Sketching as an activity has come and gone from my life several times
over the years. It seems when I am busiest, and most productive in my
professional art life, my sketching and private art also expands. (Or
perhaps it’s the other way around.) The last time I had a serious
sketch habit was in art school, as an undergraduate. I studied
illustration there, but it was the figure drawing classes that really
got my creative juices flowing. I graduated from the School of Visual
Arts a few years ago, but soon found my focus switching from
illustration to theatre. I went back to school to get a masters degree
in theatrical design, but I no longer had much of a reason to draw the
human figure. Most of my art then and since has focused on architecture
and scenery. I missed figure drawing. I missed the challenge of trying
to capture a model. Her gesture, her expression, her personality. After
a while I really felt that I was lacking something important in my

The old masters tell you that figure drawing is the basis for
everything that an artist does, and that all art is contained there. I
started looking for opportunities to draw people again. It didn’t take
me long to realize that the subways offered me a perfect opportunity. I
spend an average of an hour a day on the train, and there’s always an
interesting face close at hand. I started carrying a sketchbook and
trying to capture a little bit of something. It was actually a month or
more before I was brave enough to pull the book out of my bag. Very
quickly a few things established themselves: I didn’t like sketching in
pencil on the train, and I needed a smaller book that was less
obtrusive. After some trial and error that led me to my current combo
of a ballpoint pen, and a 3×5 Moleskine. It took me a little while to
adjust to the rocking of the train, and to learn how to pick a model
that wasn’t getting off in one or two more stops. Now I do an average
of 3 to 5 drawings a week on the train and I’m close to filling my
third Moleskine with subway sketches. It’s been the perfect compliment
to my professional work and has helped me relearn some of my drawing


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JC in Vienna shares this quote:

"Each of us has a private world, and the only difference between the
reader and the writer is that the writer has the ability to describe and
dramatize that private world. As a writer, I write to see. If I knew how it
would end, I wouldn’t write. It’s a process of discovery."

– John McGahern

Kudos to Arnault, Carlos and the rest of the WorkingUnit crew for the successful  "My Moleskine" exhibition in Kansai, Japan.

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