Featured Artist: Sandy Shum


I wish to provide a moment to pause and reflect on the wonder and grace in
the dreamlight of daily life.

I work with Polaroids, moving the emulsion around while it is still soft,
giving the photographs movement, texture and dimension, like a painting.  My
favorite subjects are the things of daily life, the beauty that surrounds
us, when we just pause to notice.

My Moleskine is where I catch all my ideas. My camera is a 30 year old
Polaroid sx-70 — the one that pops up, probably your parents have one in
the closet.  When I’m photographing I travel light, I carry my camera, my
Moleskine and film.  In my Moleskine I keep ephemera of the day, write where
I’ve been, thoughts and impressions, I do rubbings of textured or carved
signs, details from manhole covers, post boxes, coins.  I keep lists of
things I want to photograph, places I want to return to photograph in a
different light, or on another day with less people, etc.  Once I get home,
my Moleskine is an essential reference as I work further with the
photographs, to remind me of where/what an image is, ideas I had for
cropping, what I had for lunch.  Months later, reading through my journal
while working on photographs and preparing for a show brings me right back
to the time and space when I was photographing, and I hope to convey the
entire sum of that moment in my photographs, yet give space for the viewer’s
own story, memories and impressions.

Sandy Shum
Visit her website. sandyshum.com

Text and images © SS. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

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