Featured Artist: Mike Sheehan



"I’ve kept sketchbooks for years to keep my skills up, to work out ideas for various projects and paintings and to just get ideas. But the real reason is that they compel me to wander through places you might not normally spend an afternoon.  I like that ideas just happen without a lot of thought, and you get into a flow.

My Moleskines are divided into projects, my all around that I use for cafe sketching, a storyboard for a children’s book I’m writing, a journal for notes, and so on.  These days I’m using Nexus pens, I like the sepia and red ochre, black seems harsh to me these days, especially when you throw watercolor over them. I love the look of these colors over the slightly buff pages of my Moleskines.  I consider my sketchbag (which is always with me) to be my entertainment center.I’m never bored since there is always something to draw, and learn."

Mike Sheehan
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