Hebrew Calligraphy

Alp"The Letter Aleph has 3 distinct parts and 10 laws concerning its form. There is
an upper Yud, a lower Yud, and a body that is similar to a Vov. There should be
a clear connection from the body of the Aleph to the Yuds but none of the faces
of the Yuds are allowed to touch its body. The face of the upper Yud should be
slightly angled upward. The very bottom end of the Vov part should be slightly
turned upwards. The size of the Aleph should be 3X3 kulmusim.

Note: The word Kulmus(im) means the width of the tip of the quill….

…A Sofer must spend a long time learning the laws of how to write the letters.
There are certain errors in writing which cannot be corrected, nor can they be
detected by looking at the writing. For this reason, a Sofer must be God fearing
and pious, as no one but he knows if an error was made…"

Temple San Jose