Journalling Prompts: Resources for those days when the blank page bites back

D*I*Y* Planner has posted this great compilation: 


"Journal writing can be hard. The blank page sits ready, teasing you and your pen. A million and one thoughts swirl around in your head and you can’t settle on just one thought or idea. And as soon as the best idea one does float into your mind, you start to worry about whether or not you can get it down and how that will all look on the finished page of your journal. Or perhaps maybe you never get an idea at all, so your page sits blank once more, awaiting the muse. Sometimes it’s easier to not write than it is to write at all with all this pressure.

Fortunately, for those times when you feel the pressure, or can’t think of a single thing to write about there are prompts. These small snippets of thoughts or questions or pictures help assist you in getting out of the writer’s funk and into the writing process. Strangely, collecting prompts can also be addicting… so this week I’ve decided to share with you a few online and offline resources where you can get some quick fix inspiration to get you writing in your planners as well as meet some groups who are also journalling right along with you…."

Journalling Prompts: Resources for those days when the blank page bites back
By Innowen

D*I*Y* Planner


Photo: Manuel Meimberg @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
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  1. Another viewpoint: I think many writers pressure themselves to create. There are some days there is nothing to say, or the writer cannot for some reason or another, enter the trance required for writing. Maybe they need a day or a week off from journaling. That usually gets the juices going again. Or get out, into a new environment. Or lastly follow Twyla Tharp’s advice which is set a time and place and every day sit down and write, make it a habit. There’s no one way that works for everyone.

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