Michael Nobbs: Back from London

"While I was away I was thinking how much I wanted to draw a London
taxi but didn’t have the first idea how I would find one that would sit
still long enough for me draw it, or be in a place I could feel
comfortable drawing in. As I was musing about it in a cafe, a big black
cab draw up outside and parked right in front of me. For a minute or
two I kept drinking my coffee and thinking how nice it would be if this
taxi would sit still long enough for me to draw it, and wondering where
I would find one that would. It only dawned on me slowly that this was
as good an opportunity as any, here was a taxi right in front of, here
was my sketchbook sitting on the table, here I was sitting comfortable.
What actually had I asked for that wasn’t there in front of me?

Amazingly, the taxi kindly sat still until I’d stopped working on the drawing."

Michael Nobbs

[Thanks Mary Gordon in Scotland]

© 2006 MN

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