Notebook to the rescue!


"I never realized that there were so many people who were so passionate  about their Moleskines until a friend pointed at your site and said ‘THOSE are YOUR notebooks!’ And it’s true; I am mad about my notebooks. They are never far from me, and I use them for everything.

My Moleskines are a running joke in my district. Our county works off of an electronic system, where we use a small notebook computer to input patient information during a call, and when we get to the hospital, we print out a call sheet. Except that it’s a computer (big and clunky) and it’s hard to grab when you’ve got one hand on someone’s wrist taking a pulse, or when you’re trying to hold onto someone, or when you’re in a truck bouncing down the road with lights and sirens screaming. So, nine times out of ten, I just grab my Moleskine and start scribbling. Everything from addresses to our run times to patient vital signs to the names of bystanders get scribbled in my books. Occasionally, even my little book is too much, and I slap a strip of tape on my leg and start writing with a Sharpie marker; the tape is inevitably stuck into my Moleskine at the end of the call. (I even wrote on my partner’s shirt in Sharpie marker during a code, and we ended up photocopying the back of his shirt to include with our report. Guess what’s stuck in the pocket in the back of that Moleskine? Yes. A copy of his shirt)  The doctors and nurses are so used to my notes now that they gave me a stack of pocket-sized books for Christmas.  My medical director says the world will end if I ever give report without that ‘little black book’ in hand.

It’s difficult to imagine working without these useful tools. My chief likes to say that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, Moleskines work for me, and I see no reason to mess with natural order. *smile*

Thank you so much for your beautiful site! It’s great to know that others are serious about the small (but eternally precious) things in the world. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing things people do with the Moleskines, and reading some of the great ideas for them. Thanks for helping me get connected to the rest of the Moleskine world."

EMT in Virginia

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  1. Thanks! My Moleskines are used for just about everything from work-related information to personal diaries to the one my twelve-year-old uses as an assignment book for school. I had no idea that everyone was so passionate about them, but then again, every time I go to buy another, the cashier almost always screams with delight that someone *else* uses them, too!

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