“One World, One Kid”


"When Skyler Pia’s friend Erik was very ill, Skyler thought music might
cheer him up. Even at 6, Skyler knew music can be good medicine. After all,
music had always made him feel good. Surely it would work for Erik.

The two of them had just visited the Pixar Animation Studios in the Bay
Area. What might have been the perfect field trip was too much for Erik, then 8,
who was tired and not feeling well at all.

"He was undergoing chemotherapy," Skyler’s mother, Cheryl, explained,
for a rare brain tumor.

It hadn’t been a good day. So back home in
Carlsbad, Skyler had an idea. "Dad, I would like to do a radio show," Skyler
recalled last week, while spinning in the chair in his dad’s office. That
radio show is now Skyler’s first CD, "One World, One Kid," to be released
Tuesday as a fundraising effort for Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps
seriously ill children like Skyler’s friend."

"One World, One Kid" One Wish
By Jane Clifford
San Diego Union Tribune

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