Chema Madoz

Spain-based, Chema Madoz is one the best-known art photographers in the country.   Born in 1958, Chema Madoz studied Art History at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and photography at the Centro de Enseñanza de la Imagen, also in Madrid.... Read More


Journey to the Rooftop of the World

" As I stare at my computer screen, which alternates between an online airfare search and my money market statement, the want of material goods taunts me: Michelle Kaufmann’s Sunset® Breezehouse, a sporty BMW, party dresses galore, and kicky high... Read More


Kt Tunstall

Scottish solo artist KT Tunstall has a cool-looking diary. Check it out. LINK [Click on "Diary"] [Thanks... Read More


Featured Artist: Sandy Shum

I wish to provide a moment to pause and reflect on the wonder and grace inthe dreamlight of daily life. I work with Polaroids, moving the emulsion around while it is still soft,giving the photographs movement, texture and dimension, like... Read More


The Notebook Girls

Four Stuyvesant High School students decided to publish their shared teenage journal—in their own handwriting, with photos and doodles included. Susan Lehman spoke to diarists Julia Baskin, Lindsey Newman, Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, and Courtney Toombs, who are now college freshmen, about... Read More


Radio Notebook

As the cold recedes farther north, thunderstorms return with all its associated electronic noises – the bane of radio enthusiasts everywhere. Visual Impact offers some consolation: "In northen Ontario, distanced from overwhelming city transmissions, in the calm of the night,... Read More