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Labeling Moleskines

I bought my first Moleskine around 1999, and have used them ever since. I read Bruce Chatwin’s "Songlines" about 10 years prior, and when I saw my first Moleskine on the bookstore shelf, his passage came back to me.  I … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Craft of the Typewriter Repairman

Margot Adler interviewed a typewriter repairman in New York City for NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday: "Some people still write with fountain pens. Some still love their old manual and electric typewriters. But typewriter repairmen are a vanishing breed. Up on … Continue reading

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This just in: Moleskine Company Up for Sale

A classic Hemingway favourite goes up for saleBusiness TelegraphBy Malcolm Moore in Rome "The Italian maker of a small black notebook once used by Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse and Ernest Hemingway has put his company up for sale. The … Continue reading

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Drawings of Louis Renard

Fishy but stunning: "Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes, de diverses couleurs et figures extraordinaires, que l’on trouve autour des isles Moluques et sur les côtes des terres australes by Louis Renard."   Heritage Collection The Nelson Meers Foundation   LINK [Thanks … Continue reading

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Paperitif Minute

Distinctive gift sets filled with journals, art supplies and fun freebies to fire up the imagination. Visit"Written…and stirred"Proud Sponsor of the Wandering Moleskine Project

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National Poetry Month: “In Antigua”

"In Antigua I am famous. I am bathed in jasmine and pressed with warm stones." —Carnival Cruise ad in The New Yorker In Albuquerque, on the other hand, I am infamous; children throw stones and the elderly whisper behind their … Continue reading

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Sighting: “The Great British Menu”

Moleskinerie pal B. Pudliner writes: "Just saw on BBC 2, on the contest for which Chef will cook for the Queen’s 80th birthday party, the judges were using the Moleskine Index/Info small book….I just saw a brief glimpse…but I’m sure … Continue reading

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"Moleskine Kissbook" By Questus @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved. Used with permission.So, help me out here. How do you say "Can you kiss my Moleskine" without getting that dirty look? ^-^

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Message Quests

Message Quests allows you to send personalized interactive adventures to any number of web users. The recipients are able to play out these adventures in the form of a quest; by doing so, they will magically reveal your (the sender’s) … Continue reading

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Dr. Reid’s Notebooks

Elisa Nobe alerted us to this very interesting site: "I recently stumbled upon the website of one of the stars of CBS drama "Criminal Minds". Matthew Gray Gubler (who plays the character of Dr.Spencer Reid) has a very interesting website … Continue reading

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