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"…here is a screen cap from the on-going competition…and yes..the notebooks are the indexed moleskine.."

Bets Pudliner


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The Great British Menu © 2006 BBC

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3 Responses to Sighting: “The Great British Menu”

  1. P Burton says:

    I really enjoy watching the programme but i cannot believe that, for a great British menu, the judges picked a curry over Gary Rhodes’ traditional English menu.
    I feel that the Queen would prefer a ‘traditional’ British menu rather than a ‘modern day’ British menu and is this not the point of the programme.

  2. Nick Davison says:

    Yes, I am in complete agreement.

    Shurely her Majesty should have been asked what she wanted,and all the chefs cook the same,otherwise having tasters on different meals is pointless.
    Are their palates and taste buds and preferences the same as the Queens?-Just what are their biographical details anyway? Also how can the people at home vote without a taste? The whole show is a farce. N.

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