Spring Sketching


"This cactus is called senita and is a columnar type similiar to the Organ Pipe cactus.

I was walking one morning I spotted these flowers high up on several
limbs. You can imagine my reaction; pen, paper, camera…… We have a
lot of these growing in our park. Friends tell me it grows like a weed,
"break it off, cut it off and it comes back double!"

Teri Casper @ Painted Daisies

More at Teri’s FLICKR page.

© 2006 TC. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

3 thoughts on “Spring Sketching

  1. this is beautiful! usually when i sketch, i just do it with my G2 pen, in black. what medium did you use to create such beautiful colours? may i ask if you used the M Sketchbook?

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